Cyber/IT Security Services

We have the Capability & Expertise to provide the Services Locally and Globally.

At CDA, we provide Cyber/IT Security Servicing to clients. Constantly collecting the data to identify the potential threats and provide insight to the clients on any cyber-attacks and Vulnerabilities.

Application Security - Secure SDLC

Secure Software Development Life Cycle or "Secure SDLC" is a collective process of adding security to the existing SDLC. Considering the security issues that applications faces/fa… Read More

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is a process of recognizing, classifying, prioritizing and resolving the vulnerabilities in the operating systems, applications and browsers. We offer the… Read More

Proxy / Proxy PAC Services

Proxy or Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) is a comprehensive configuration file that directs the browsers to forward the traffic to a proxy server. Forwarding the traffic to a proxy… Read More

Asset Security

Asset Security is a set of techniques and processes that allows the availability of organization assets from anywhere while ensuring and maintaining its security. We offer compreh… Read More

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring is a precarious IT process where all networking components are monitored to optimize their availability. Routers, switches, firewalls, servers and other such ne… Read More

Web / Mobile Penetration Testing

Web & Mobile Penetration Testing is the process through which organizations are informed about the imperfections in the website, web application or mobile application. In this age… Read More

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