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  • April 2, 2024, 5:59 a.m.

Negative Online Reviews

The impact of Negative online reviews can affect and challenge your business. The expanding popularity of social media and websites review implies organizations should be more aware than any time in recent of what customers are saying about them online.


Luckily, like complaints made in person, negative online reviews don't need to bring about lost business. All things being equal instead, transform them into a chance to pull in more customers.

While never-never plans, techniques or products, or services that prompt negative reviews or any such issue is there is a chance all the way. Consequently, you should be prepared to handle it professionally and efficiently

How to deal with the fake online reviews:

Even though it is challenging to confront criticism, it is something that everybody should realize how to deal with, not just brands and businesses. Listed ways are been proven to be useful.

Be Professional

The reviewer might belong to different audience affinity. Research and gather about the cause of occurrence. Contact personally to resolve the negative review if it is irrelevant. React in a polite, professional way and don't blame reviewers for the issue.


Quick Respons

The online world works 24/7 and individuals anticipate a quick reaction. It is imperative to manage negative surveys speedily before they raise, and more potential customers read the review


Answer Should be Transparent

Customers are keen enough and you should consistently remember this when coming up with an answer. If you unnecessarily attempt to focus them or pass off the issue slightly, then no positivity signs for the business. Be cautious with your words. Express gratitude toward them for their criticism and guarantee them that you'll be making all the steps necessary so, it doesn't repeat again.


Custom Responses:

Take the necessary break and give every reviewer a different answer. Try to address every one of their interests and let them realize the importance to battle the issues. Try not to duplicate glue a similar conventional answer to each negative review as it portrays a thoughtless disposition. Customized responses likewise cause the consumer to feel heard and if they're persuading enough, keep them faithful to the brand


Instead of Deleting bad reviews, Follow-Up Negative reviews:

As opposed to requesting that people attempt to delete negative reviews, urge the customers to post positive reviews on the off chance that they have enjoyed the products or services. Allow the positives to overwhelm the negatives. Spotlight more on fixing the underlying issues and the customers who posted the negative reviews may return and bring them down when they see the perpetual positive ones


Encourage to write reviews:

Always encourage to ask supportive customers & clients who are happy with your product or administration to compose a review. Be mindful so as not to impact them by asking that they leave just positive reviews


Reporting to the google:

The review may automatically detect and analyze by the google. Google use respective dots to detect them and if you find review is still irrelevant you can report to the google by selecting appropriate category listed in the Google My Busines



Go to the business review section in the search engine

Login to the GMB using admin credentials

Select the appropriate businesses list and the review section from left pane menu.

Find or sort the review to be report from the list of reviews

Select the three dots in the top right corner of the review to report

Select the proper reason in available category with fully thorough description.

Also, you will get acknowledgement after submitting it for google reviewing.

If google finds any comply with review accordance to Google policies or legal obligations, the fake review will get down.



In this digital world services, reviews are blessings in the real-time world and there is no time gap in between communication anymore. By following up on their feedback at the earliest opportunity for you, you can ensure that the following consumer doesn't need to confront a similar issue. Consistently you are just bettering the brand and it's working. In this way, the reality is, make the most of each negative review count for us.

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The impact of Negative online reviews can affect and challenge your business. The expanding popularity of social media and websites review implies organizations should be more aware than any time in recent of what customers are saying about them online.

April 2, 2024, 5:59 a.m.